Sunday, December 28, 2008

Somebody didn't think this through...

Well, Twisty already beat me to this story, (and so did AmericaBlog), but I'm pretty sure everything that anyone's ever blogged about has previously been blogged about by someone else.

Anyway, it seems that the CIA thinks it's a good idea to trade the boner-ification pill Viagra to warlords in Afghanistan for information about... you know, whatever.

Anyway, Twisty makes a good point (I'm sorry, but it's true):
"The old bastards buzz along home, maul the harem, and come back singing
like canaries.

Wink wink, nudge nudge, puke puke.

The heart bleeds for the multiple wives of these old farts; after a lifetime of conjugal duty, these women were undoubtedly basking in sweet relief when the old warlord finally couldn’t get it up anymore. Naturally it couldn’t possibly occur to either the
CIA operatives or prurient Americans reading this amusing article clapping the
CIA on the back for its good old American ingenuity that some woman somewhere
was gonna have to pay the price in this “crucial battle.”"
Of course, this isn't nearly half of the story. Everywhere in the world there is a black market for drugs including Viagra, especially in war-torn countries including Afghanistan. Everywhere in the world rape is a serious issue, especially in war-torn countries including Afghanistan, where women are doused with acid for even thinking about going to school, and where sexual assault is used as a weapon. Now these warlords are being given Viagra, and since their power has never been abated by democracy since we never actually finished the job there -- these warlords can have their pick of any of the unwilling women inside or outside of the harem.

Moreover, cold hard cash is still more valuable than fucking Viagra. Even if these guys want to go start fucking the harem (or anyone else they choose), there's a good chance that they're going to sell these little blue pills onto the black market thus increasing their power by way of CASSSSSH. And still, no one bothers to think about the women involved here, and you can't ignore the fact that there are women involved here, and introducing a drug that allows a man who doesn't think of a woman as a person to fuck whomever whenever kind of leads to an increase in rapes.

Thanks CIA!

But, that's okay, it's totally justified, says the article.
"Among the world's intelligence agencies, there's a long tradition of using sex
as a motivator. Robert Baer, a retired CIA officer and author of several books
on intelligence, noted that the Soviet spy service was notorious for using attractive women as bait when seeking to turn foreign diplomats into informants.
"The KGB has always used 'honey traps,' and it works," Baer said."

Nevermind what the women think, they're doing something good for the USA by being raped for information. I don't know which is more insulting, that the United States is using a used by the KGB, or that it's justifying said tactic because the KGB did it and it worked.

Well, whatever works.

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