Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Lappy is back!" or "Telling me you don't want to go out with me isn't going to shut me up"

Wow. What a couple of days. First, I hope you had a good Christmas if you're of the mind to celebrate it -- ours was postponed on account of snow, then Schmoogie burned his hand off fiddling with the plumbing (he's so handy -- no pun intended, actually he just singed a finger, but he's mostly fine). But tomorrow the 'rents are coming out to celebrate and give me presents, so all is well.

Oh, and my lappy isn't dead! But that's not why I'm posting.

When I came home with the assuredly fixed lappy (that assurance cost me $110 and some change), I checked my email and found a couple of comments needing to be moderated. Anonymous, a courageous young man left a comment on this post.
I'd much rather date the girl who wrote the other article than you, for
what it's worth.You sound like an entitled college student who just took a
philosophy class and wanted to show the world how unique you are because you
question things. And FYI, stop cursing so much. It makes you sound like a
jackass. (And yes, the irony of that last sentence is not lost to me).

Yeah. Real gem isn't it? Nevermind that I'm a)not single, b)don't care if someone who wants to police my language would or wouldn't want to date me, and c)a college graduate who took one philosophy class which had nothing to do with feminist. Oh yeah, and I'm not "entitled" as Anonymous seems to think, considering the hefty student loans.

There's not much to be said about this comment, I just wanted to point and laugh at an ignorant jackass who likes to police the language of women and thinks that he's so great that a pre-emptive rejection would devastate and shut up a feminist. Keep trying pookums, you'll hurt a woman someday. That day is not today.

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