Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apparently Canada is bankrupt (according to a questioner).
Inslee: congress members will use public option.
Questioner: if you oppose a public option, give up your medicare, public schools, and all other gov programs" (and someone behind me keeps screaming "NO WAY!"
ans... It has the ability to reduce costs... Not a government takeover... Funded by premiums by ppl who choose public option."
Inslee: public option is fundamental to healthcare reform. "I have seen what happens when people don't have choice... Those ppl are prisoners to their pl
Reform: bans "pre-existing conditions", prevents insurers from charging women more; creates public option; insurance premiums cannot be more than 12% of income
lly what we do in the state of washington"
Proposed paying for it: savings on waste, fraud and abuse: 56%; repeal Bush tax cuts: 12%; "there are very substantial savings to be had if we do nationa
Rep Inslee is pro-reform. Says we can't afford to do nothing.
Liveblogging today from Jay Inslee's healthcare town hall. Have cameraman in case I'm able to ask my question, in the meantime I'll keep updating via the