Monday, December 1, 2008

Despicable tabloid of the day

The Sun. (Via the F-word, UK.)

Now, I admit I don't know a lot about prostitution aside from what I read on the internets (but I mostly read sex worker rights advocate blogs), but I'm pretty sure that these women don't deserve to be harassed and shamed by the police who arrested them, and then have their identities plastered all over the internet by a tabloid from another country. (The "street-walkers" were arrested in Tennessee, the tabloid is based in the UK.)

Shame on the Sun. This is low even for a rag like that.

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Maglor said...

That news paper is absolutely dreadful, along with several other hypocritical tabloids. Most of these papers are quite happy to show naked women models in their pages. Then they go and harass and out sex workers. To hear they even harass them in another country where sex work is illegal is quite frightful. Interestingly quite a few of their 'page 3 models' end up in sex work and gain quite a premium rate.