Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scluptor remembers first aid training; forgets safety training

So, I did something stupid at work today. I was opening a package (chocolates from See's Candy sent by one of our contractors) and, while holding the box and an exposed box-knife in one hand I used the index finger of the other hand to get to the invoice on the top of the package. Long story short (I'll get to the bit about our broken health care system in a couple of days when I can type again), I now have three stitches in my left index finger and a migraine from the trauma and stress.

My officemates were very helpful, especially the moms in the office who helped me with my first aid, the office manager who found a doctor for me to go to and sat with me in the doctor's office while I waited for my stitches and made the executive decision that the office would pay for the co-pay ($20 for an office visit, rather than $200 I would have paid had I had to go to the ER).

Anyway, my head hurts and it feels like it took me 20 minutes to type this... but it's only been 12.

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