Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Some of the reviews:
"Amazon.com has once again surprised me with one of their products; The Chia Obama Planter. To merely call the "Chia Obama," which grows an afro, tasteless, would be a gross understatement. I would think after the Obama Halloween Mask problem that Amazon.com had in Oct. '08, they'd be more prudent in choosing what products they will offer on their site. Once a company that I, both, enjoyed and admired, I'm very disappointed that Amazon.com has chosen to peddle cheap and vulgar garbage."
It matters not to this person that, a) Amazon.com does not make the stuff that is sold on its website (this one is made by Joseph Enterprises, Inc) by vendors, and b) this is actually kinda funny. I'm unaware of the "Obama Halloween Mask problem".
"Regardless of being a caucasion man writing this review, I maintain that this product is racist, tasteless and insist that it be taken out of inventory by Amazon.com. A twisted effigy of our 44th President that, when seeded and watered, grows an organic afro? Horrible. This is a product that, if marketed at all, should be urged toward it's only possible consumer demographic: Angry, rural, conservative, cryptoracist Sarah Palin voters. Please remove this product from your inventory."
"A twisted effigy"? Are you supposed to burn Chia pets now?
The Schmoogie said, "Whatever. If someone made a Chia pet of me, I'd buy it. ...it'd have to be a full-body Chia pet..." and asserted that Obama would probably laugh at it. But look at the history of the Chia pet: you have the Chia Garfield, beloved pasta-eating cat; Chia Scooby-Doo, beloved sandwich-eating coward; Chia Buggs Bunny, the cleverest, most imitated cartoon character in history. And now, the Chia Barack Obama. Was the Chia Garfield made to mock people who like cats? Or to mock Italians? No. It was made because it would sell.
Chia is all about kitsch. For those unfamiliar with the 50s era art term, "kitsch" describes something which is adorably stupid, that makes you cringe and laugh at the same time. That's all this is. No insult is meant. No racism is present (for the record both the Chia Scooby-Doo and the Chia Buggs Bunny also grow alfalfa-spout afros, and I'm pretty sure the Chia John McCain would too -- the Chia George Bush would grow alfalfa-spout Gitmo electrodes out its ears, though). It's funny and stupid, and I want it. If that makes me a racist... that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


JJJ said...

Well, I'll have to say that it is not only hilarious, but can be argued as honoring his accomplishment. I wouldn't argue it, but hey, they're just trying to sell something unique. 1st of all, the thing that makes Black folks' hair a subject of racism is the ignorance when talking about it and calling it "ugly" as our good friend Imus did with the Rutgers team. There is no history of hatred from anyone talking about Obama's hair b/c...he DOESN'T have an Afro!

It's funny and no, you are not a heartless racist. btw...don't tell anyone that you have the entire collection of cartoon character Chia pets...please! LOL


We're still campaigning for the Chia clock. One day someone's going to by that thing for us, we have faith.

As far as that Amazon reviewer goes, I guess at least you can say that that's probably the most passionate anyone's ever gotten over the subject of Chia pets.