Thursday, January 8, 2009

More photos -- how does this help anyone?

An Israeli airstrike on a three-story house belonging to a Hamas member in an eastern Gaza City neighborhood buried a child in rubble. About 30 people were inside the house when it was destroyed by the air raid, neighbors said.

The campaign has not proceeded without mishaps for Israel, which said on Tuesday that four of its soldiers in Gaza were killed by shells from their own tanks. At left, the funeral for Nitai Stern, one of the Israeli soldiers killed by so-called "friendly fire."

Palestinians walked past a destroyed mosque in Beit Hanoun. Most of the fighting was taking place in northern and eastern Gaza, in areas not far from the Israeli border.

Women at a United Nations school after fleeing their homes. Gaza residents faced severe power shortages and other deprivations.

Hilmi al-Samuli mourned over the bodies of his two sons and a nephew, reportedly killed during Israeli shelling early on Monday. The reported death toll of Palestinians passed 500 since the assault began, including 100 said to be civilians.

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