Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As I prepare for my application (in the fall) to law school

"Choosing between a kid who has had access to all of that [SAT tutors and a number of other things to which upper and upper-middle class kids have access] and still remains a mediocre candidate and one who has had to create his or her own advantages through self-invention and hard work is not the kind of discrimination we should be worried about. It is, in fact, the kind that allows us to be more fair, not less."
Damn straight.

When I take into account my unlikely journey from a kid who was told by a certain step-mother that she would never amount to anything, and hence never tried at anything (but still got As and Bs in school); to certified Mensa member; to art school graduate, to preparing to take the LSAT in 25 days... I feel more hopeful for my admission to law school.

It's nice to know that personal achievement, rather than that of one's parents still actually means something...

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