Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ah yes... the bad old days are here again

There's something about listening to Benny Goodman that makes a national/global depression slightly more bearable... I don't know why, but I think that we're in for another Swing/jazz revival, and it couldn't come at a better time. Play on brotha-man...

In other news, when people stop buying real estate, developers stop building, and architects stop designing. And receptionists at architecture firms are laid off. It is an inevitable truth that the receptionist is always one of the first to go when the economy contracts and squeezes a business. As a receptionist, I saw this coming. As someone who will not be doing reception for the rest of her life (even the rest of this year), I was able to come to terms with it right away and decide that it was time for me to jump with both feet into the world of being self-employed.

Because I was planning to have my Mary Kay business be my primary income while in law school (so that the Schmoogie wasn't wholly supporting me, something I cannot even fathom asking of him -- and to his credit, he insists I have some kind of income while in law school, which may seem callous, but it's really a good thing as it demonstrates how important my independence is to him), this is a good time for me to start growing my business and really getting rolling. I've got a plan in place, I'm excited, and basically, if all goes to plan I'll be working slightly less (more time to volunteer), and making about the same amount of money.

I'll also be listening to Benny Goodman. You should too.

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DaisyDeadhead said...

My grandmother always said "that music got us through!"--who'd a thought we'd need it to 'get us through' again?