Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reasons I'm not a "real" feminist: lip gloss and perfume

In one product even!

My favorite new toy is the Mary Kay Limited Edition Simply Chic Fragrance/Lip Gloss Duo. I love it! I've never been all that in to lip gloss, as a rule, but I decided that this toy was so neat, and such a good idea, I would be a very un-fun feminist if I didn't have one. Retailing for $35, you get a limited edition Starlet Kiss Nourishine Lip Gloss on one end, and four interchangeable mini Mary Kay® Eau de Toilette fragrances – Sparkling Honeysuckle™, Exotic Passionfruit™, Simply Cotton™ and Warm Amber™. Plus it comes in a very chic gift box. (And if you want one, I happen to be a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant so I can hook you up!) Perfect for the Sparkliest of the Sparkle Ponies!

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