Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update: hard drive failure

Catastrophic. Nothing could be recovered for less than $500, and there was nothing on my hard drive that was worth more than $500. Many important images are online or on the Schmoogie's computer, if not on the external HD but I hadn't backed up my files since... last summer.

I have learned a very valuable lesson: BACK UP YOUR STUFF. Having never had a hard drive fail, I didn't realize just how important this is. I'm lucky, however, because I have a website and a compulsion to share cute pictures of myself, my dog, and my boyfriend with people on the Myspace.

Anyway, after all of that, I just wanted to thank the guys at Progressive Tech for their help with this disaster by giving them a plug on my blog. If you ever have computer problems and are in the Seattle area, go to them, they'll help you out.

In the end I was only out $140, I got a new hard drive that is twice the size of my old fail drive, and while I lost some fun stuff (the un-compressed, non-jpg versions of the Pharmzilla ads, for instance), there may come a day when data recovery isn't so fucking expensive. I'll be able to get all my programs back since most of them were free to begin with (Sonic Stage,, Chips Challenge), and as soon as I've gotten things back kind of to where they should be, I'll back up again to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Of course, what I'm most upset by is the fact that I lost study time running around Seattle on the bus and spending 3-and-a-half hours installing and updating Vista. (Shut it, I like Vista.)

The moral of the story is: back up your data. And if your lap top even grunts at you in that cement-mixer kind of way, turn it off immediately.

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