Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This week's horoscope: Pisces

"Your desiccated remains will be found on a desert island along with an empty water bottle, three emergency ration packages, and the exact right CD for the occasion."
I laughed. Care of the Onion.


Anonymous said...

Followed you here from Rebecca's blog to let you know that the best solution to prostitution has been kept hidden from you, the Swedish model of prostitution decriminalization. Decriminalize sex workers, criminalize men who sexually prey on the youngest, most marginalized, most poverty-stricken citizens.

Please look into it with an open mind and remember that Sweden's track record on women's rights kicks the ass of any other country, and that's no accident. Scandinavians get this sexism stuff better than anyone else and they know it's not a crime to be poor but it is a crime to take advantage of poor people's predicaments.


Anna said...

(Not the same commenter)

That used to be true - then the conservatives won the election in 2006...