Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And now for something completely different

Schmoogie: My food got tossed :( Damn it.
Me: 7.7 TRILLION dollars spent in the last year on bailouts.
Schmoogie: Ok that's worse
Me: So at least you didn't lose 7 trillion hot dogs.
Schmoogie: No, thank Jebus
Me: But if Paulson had his way, he'd have all the hot dogs.
Schmoogie: Hank hordes hot dogs?
Me: In lighter news, Ann Coulter smashed her face up and her jaw is wired shut.

1 comment:

Paradox said...

I take Ann Coulter's de-talkification as definite proof that there is a God. Argument ad coultershuttingthefuckup. It's a dream come true.