Monday, November 17, 2008

Fuck You Too -- An Open Response

(See Natalia's list.)

An Open Letter from Me, Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff, to Pro-Porn, Pro-Prostitution, Misogynist, Male-Centered, Anti-Feminist Persons

This open letter will be very short.

I won’t be silenced. I will continue to vocally and outspokenly oppose pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, the enslavement of women, male dominance, white male heterosupremacy, and all brutality towards women throughout the world. There is nothing you can do, in the end, to silence me, to discredit me, or ultimately, to stop me.

Guaranteed. It’s been tried before, a number of times. And, here I still am.

Just sayin’.


Dear Heart,
Fuck you too. While I could write a dissertation on how awful the language is in this open letter, I won't because that's beside the point. Don't confuse people who are for the rights of sex-workers with those who are against the rights of women in general. Your logical fallacy here (oh no! phalus!), stating that those who support rights are the same as those who oppose rights, is stupid and I could do no more as a pro-porn feminist to discredit you than you have done with your phalacious logic (see, I can make up words too).

I oppose and deplore violence, and since prostitution and sex have been around longer than falacious logic, and will always occur whether your tiny little brain likes it or not, we need to accept that sex workers are humans, and that the female sex workers are women and deserve the same respect as any other woman doing any other job -- however, you come off as not really know what that's like since you seem to have the privilege to deny the humanity of others.

And you know what, "here I still am" doesn't mean you're right. I mean, for god's sake, Sarah Palin is still in the media. And she's pretty fucking wrong. The longer and more outspokenly you speak, the more you discredit yourself. Keep it up. Ren isn't the only one who needs the entertainment.

Just sayin'.


p.s. BINGO!


Daisy said...

See, the minute it goes off the path Heart has meticulously set for acceptable discourse--MARTYR TIME.

It's very Christian (but not in a good way).


Renegade Evolution said...

she really is precious, isn't she?

Natalia said...

Oh yeah, and we're all Nazis too. And we put babies on spikes. Or something.

Cheryl, you are a tool.

Rachel said...

You want a rack of baby? We got babies on racks...

Eddie Izzard ftw.