Sunday, March 8, 2009

Update on the 9-year-old from Brazil

Apparently, her rapist will not be excommunicated like those who helped to save her life. Apparently, abortionis worse than rape in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Well, considering that the Catholic Church has historically used rape as a weapon to help their soldiers get closer to G*D (Crusades anyone?) this doesn't surprise me in the least.
If I had any respect left for the institution itself, I would spit. But I don't. Sorry, but I gotta back Heart up on this one and add my own power to her curse. This is completely disgusting. There will be no rest for the patriarchs, or any of those who uphold this hideous idea that abortion "the taking of an innocent life" (what about original sin?) is worse, so much worse as to (in the eyes of this organization) deny someone salvation, than is the rape of a 9-year-old girl and the destruction of her life.
People, wake up. This is how most religions view women. The violation of our bodies is does not even affect the leaders in the least, but if we try to take our bodies back we deserve hellfire and damnation.
I wonder what Jesus of Nazareth would have to say about this bullshit that's being done in his name?


willis said...

Appalling. I saw in the article from your first post that the step father was in jail although it didn't say for what or for how long. This is the guy that should be held accountable for not only the rape and child abuse but any loss of life as well. I'm no attorney but it seems like the willful actions of one on another person that would result in loss of life is a crime (attempted murder?). They do it to drunk drivers.

Rachel said...

Which would be a valuable point if a fetus was a person, which it isn't. It's a fetus. Although, the Catholic church doesn't make it a habit of excommunicating murderers (attempted or otherwise) as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Just for the record, the original article didn't say that the stepfather was in jail. They were referring to another case that was similar except that the girl, who was 11 instead of 9, chose to keep the babies.

willis said...

I meant these acts as they would apply to the 9 year old as it meant her death without the abortion. She was the victim of attempted murder, manslaughter. The non-excommunication of the step father, though ridiculus, is a church action that doesn't put anyone in jail. Wonder how this would play out in the US?
Hope you don't mind but I linked to your post on my blog.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks for the post, Rachel. Found you thru Willis' site.

I think it's time that all of christianity took a good long look at what their savior actually said and did and not what the 'church' is telling them.

Rachel said...

Willis: ah, I getcha. I don't really think that anyone would prosecute a rapist who impregnated a 9-year-old with attempted murder because, well, you know a woman's job is to have babies; it's not his fault that she became fertile earlier than normal, I mean, he was probably raping a 9-year-old so that he wouldn't get anyone pregnant. See, he was being responsible with his semen.

God, I think I'm gonna vomit now. I hate that this child and her life are not being taken seriously and I pray that she has the strength to overcome this and lead a normal life... maybe even have kids of her own someday if she wants.

The grossest thing, though, is that if she was in a country like Colombia where abortion is completely illegal PERIOD, she'd be sentenced to death. How's that for valuing human life?