Friday, March 6, 2009

Attention Seattle: the Croc is back!!!

Why did no one on the Slog mention this? Did they think that the ad would speak for itself?

The Crocodile, the Crocodile, the Croc, is reopening.

For those of you who are especially nerdy in your love for the Seattle music scene (like I am), let me say that again.

The Croc, 2200 2nd Ave Seattle 98121, that, when it closed abruptly "in December, 2007, broke many a heart and" made some "folks [feel] a piece of Seattle had died," is being reopened "[a]fter months of renovations and reconstruction", according to its website.

I fear we're never going to get answers as to why the Croc's manager called all the bartenders one Saturday night in December of 2007 and told them not to come in to work the next day; but at least there will be some return to normalcy in the Seattle music scene... even if there aren't that many acts worth hearing these days. (Although, it appears from the Croc's concert calendar, Special Guest is going to be playing a lot of shows in the next couple of months. Ha ha.)

A couple hints to the Croc's booking staff: Bad Dream Good Breakfast, Toy Box Trio, Cherry Poppin Daddies, and (longshot here...) Spiraling.

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