Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday doggy blogging

Stewie and Opus, his BFF.
Stewie did something very silly today. Since I had two classes this weekend, I had to go to the bank this morning (afternoon), so I started the dishwasher, put on my shoes, coat, scarf and hat (Springtime my ass), and headed out for the bus that would take me to my branch. Stewie was very upset that I was leaving without him, staring at me as though I was the worst person who ever lived.
When I returned he was sitting by the window next to our front door, as though he had gone there to watch me leave and anticipate my return with bated pug-breath. I opened the door and he went crazy (as dogs are want to do when mom or dad comes home)... at which point I noticed that the dishwasher was still running. I had been gone less than an hour, and he was acting like I had left him alone for a week. (Also, he's taken to screaming when I get home from a class... Schmoogie's had this dog for 8 years, and Stewie never screams for him. It's kind of sad.)
So, those are the adventures of Stewart. He is currently sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Stewie sounds a lot like Dusty, my in-laws' dog. Back when my husband and I were still dating she'd go crazy every time I came over to see him. There are only two other people she'll do that for and she's known them her entire life. I think dogs know when people really love them and they really love those people in return. :D

Courtney said...

He has had the tendency to get separation anxiety if you are with him a lot for a period of time. There was one point where I was home a lot and he got that way for a bit. Beware of him pooping when you leave soon!! That seems to happen when there is screaming.

I miss that silly little pug.

Rachel said...

Hopefully I get out of the house enough that he's not going to do that.