Thursday, October 2, 2008

Surprise! It's October!

I'm following the polls. I'm monitoring the politics in Washington. I've got electoral map info at my fingertips. I am waiting anxiously for the October Surprise. People keep telling me "well, Jimmy Carter was up substantially before October in 1980" or pointing out that the guy who ran against Poppy Bush was ahead before October too.

We remember the October Surprise from 1980. The botched rescue of the hostages at the American Embassy in Tehran -- later, we find out that people in Reagan's campaign had made deals with those who took the American hostages to make sure that the hostages weren't released until the day that Reagan was inaugurated (and that was BEFORE selling them weapons). And throughout the years, the October Surprise has been the political tac most feared by Democrats.

So what's it going to be this year? What despicable political strategem are going to allow the McCain/Palin campaign to snatch victory out of the hands of the capable and literate Obama/Biden camp?

I don't see anything that's going to make the American people change their minds about the fitness of McCain to survive or Palin to serve. We're into October now and Obama's numbers continue to climb. Short of capturing Osama bin Laden, there's not really any option here for fooling the American people into buying this load of garbage. And speaking of capturing Osama, this Administration can't find it's ass with both hands, what the hell makes anyone think they're going to crawl around in a gigantic cave system in Wyzeristan in order to find someone who might actually be dead of kidney failure?

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) suggested that the Republicans are going to use the bailout bill against Democrats, as a means of tethering the Democratic leaders in congress to George W. Bush. While possible, McCain voted the same way that Obama did on the bailout, so it's not going to stick, and while we're talking about that, Obama said in his floor speech that he's not really sure there is a crisis and that things might be fine if we did nothing, but he supported the bill because there was an equal chance that the sky would fall if they did nothing. McCain said nothing. He sat back on the sidelines and voted "Aye", even though he's "the sheriff" who despises pork (and there's some $150 billion in so-called pork in the Senate bill that he just voted for).

Moreover, Americans, as I've said many times, aren't as stupid as the Republican party wants them to think they are. Americans realize that it's been George Bush's economic policies that have got us here. Americans realize that Phil Graham, McCain's top economic advisor is responsible for this shit. Americans realize that Republicans want to do everything for the corporations -- for fuck's sake House Republicans were pushing for MORE corporate tax cuts and LESS regulation as a means of solving the so-called crisis -- and nothing for them. Americans realize that when it comes to money, "tax and spend" is way better for them than "borrow hundreds of billions from the Chinese and spend". And what is government supposed to do? Tax and profit? Hate to tell you, government isn't supposed to profit. And you're certainly not going to go without your roads, are ya? Gotta drive.

So, like I said, short of capturing Osama bin Laden (which they can't do) and putting his ass on trial (which they wouldn't do even if there was time enough for it), the only other option is cancelling the elections. In which case there would be chaos. Riots. This country would collapse over night. And then there would be nothing for the Bush Crime Family to steal, no places for them to steal from. Everyone would lose everything and we'd become a 3rd World country over night. Not even Dick Cheney in his man-sized safe would be... safe from financial devastsation.

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Ike Clanton said...

While I think the American people have gotten smarter about politics as they've watched the Bush administration dismantle the Constitution, I still think that they are woefully ignorant enough to fall for an October Surprise, especially if the veiled racism is plausibly deniable for the accusers. Then again, there are always third parties that can unveil the surprise for them, leaving the GOP candidates' hands clean.