Friday, October 10, 2008

Pro-life feminists?

The question is: can you be a feminist and be anti-abortion? I believe that Cara at Feministing answered the question quite well:

"One does not have to believe, as I do, that having an early abortion is morally neutral, or be willing, as I would be, to have an abortion at the drop of a hat should they find out they were pregnant. One doesn’t have to be willing to choose abortion for themselves or even be morally okay with the idea of abortion in order to be pro-choice — by definition, they simply have to support the right to that choice for each and every woman."

I agree with her. You don't have to be willing to have an abortion yourself in order to be pro-choice, the thing that defines those who are pro-choice as pro-choice is that they believe that each woman has a right to do with her own body what she believes is best, and that it's not her parents', neighbors, state, local, or federal governments' decision what she does with an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy. People who are pro-choice believe it's up to each individual woman what they do with their uterus.

You don't have to be "pro-abortion" to believe that I can do with my body what I think is right, and my being pro-choice and willing to have an abortion doesn't mean that I think you should have one if you have an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy -- I'm all about the choice. I think most people are.

Most people, that is, except Sarah Palin.

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