Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Volunteering for Change

The bf and I went and volunteered at the Everett Obama Field Office. We got some voter registration forms and pens and went to a nearby Target and asked people if they were registered to vote.

For an hour we stood out there, and most of the people we talked to were registered (except a couple of people who were quite vehement about not voting) and excited about the election (except one woman who called Barack "a black asshole" who should "go back to Africa -- I don't understand how people, anyone, could think that stuff let alone say it out loud to someone they didn't know!). And of course then Target asked us to go away...

But there was a heartening aspect to this adventure: most of the people we talked to were registered. I did register one guy, and handed out several forms to people who really just wanted to get home, but did need to update information or register. I think we both feel good about volunteering tonight, and I hope we do it again. (I meanwhile, will be doing some more NARAL volunteer work tomorrow and next week.)


Ike Clanton said...

I remember a fine piece of graffiti on a wall at the Everett train station. Time may have distorted the misspellings and grammar, but not much.

"all forners must go home or be hunt"

God bless the U.S.A.

Rachel said...