Friday, October 10, 2008

Look at dictatorship on my own block

When I was walking home from the bus stop today, these signs had been torn down. Whomever tore them out and hid them under a sandwich board is a fucking coward. A mother fucking COWARD.

Not unlike the McCain/Palin campaign, who have no fucking ideas of their own, McCain supporters are turning to tearing down, in this case literally, Barack Obama, his family, and his campaign.

The next time someone tears out these signs, I'm coming back with two. After that, 4. Keep tearing them out. Keep hiding them. I know where to get more. Meanwhile, you don't know where to get any goddamn courage to stand up for what you believe in, so you're hiding behind the politics of destruction. Face the issues.

And I swear to god, the next person who calls Barack Obama a "nigger"* better come to my house and call me a "kike" to my face, cause I need to sit those fuckers down and give them a good talking to about white privilege, racism, and having some goddamn class. Stop calling a United States Senator and Presidential candidate by that word -- stop calling anyone by that word. It's hurtful and it's completely inappropriate. Moreover, anyone who would call someone that word is a coward. A fucking coward. Just like the fucker who tore out the Obama and Gregoire signs.

Fuck you, you fucking cowards.

*My sincere apologies for actually using that word in full. I don't understand its full impact, but I do know that it is a very harmful word. If I have offended by using it, please understand that I say it out loud for effect, and I do so only with great pre-consideration and obvious disclaimer. I would never use it to describe anyone because, as I've stated, it's not appropriate. Again, I'm sorry I had to resort to articulating such a hateful word.

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Daisy said...

And how do you like this sign?

Like I said on the thread, dunno whether to laugh or cry.