Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Johnny [McCain]...

"We will stand on your side and fight for you," he says.

Which side of my neck are you going to stand on, John?

"We will get the me-first-country-second crowd out of Washington," he says.

That must be why he's running such a poorly-thought-out campaign.

"I've stood up to corruption in Washington."

Which is why he's stood up to George W. Bush the last 8 years and supported demands for the Bush administration to be investigated for -- oh, wait, what? He hasn't?

"[Sarah Palin] knows who she works for," he says.

Yeah, the oil companies and the Alaska Independence Party (not to be confused with the Independent party) who want to suceed from the Union.

Kudos for CodePink for getting in two nights in a row and disrupting both speeches. I can't take this Republican Party... why is it they are the biggest war hawks when Eisenhower was the biggest anti-war advocate who, in his farewell address when he left office went down a list of things that our tax dollars could be spent on instead of the military-industrial complex (a term Eisenhower coined, by the way).

"We believe that everyone deserves the right to reach their god-given potential," he says.

*Unless you're poor and expect a decent education in a public school, expect to be able to take care of your sick kids/parents/spouse without losing your job. Clearly reaching our god-given potential does not hinge on having health care, education, roads, or not being in the middle of three wars.

McCain says that he's going to lower taxes and Obama will raise them (if you make more than $250,000 a year); lower goverment spending (by following the same plan as the Bush Administration) by ending failed programs (except the Iraq War and abstinence only education); it seems to me like McCain is reading from the wrong play book... that is, he's saying he's going to do all of the things it says in the Democratic National Party Platform rather than the Republican one.

"Equal access to a [good] education has been gained," he says.

No. It hasn't. And, "help[ing] bad teachers find another line of work" isn't the way to help the education system. Giving bad teachers better training will fix it.

"We're gonna stop sending 7 billion dollars a month to countries that don't like us..."

By continuing the Iraq War?

"We've dealt a serious blow to Al Qaeda in the last few years," not, "and they'll strike again if they can," be afraid, be very afraid. "Iran..." we already know what he's going to say.

"My administration will set a new standard for transparency and accountability," he says.
Our standards are pretty low. You gonna limbo under the moon, too?
Watch him play the POW card now. How utterly honorable.

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