Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trouble at the RNC...

First of all, who the fuck arrests Amy freaking Goodman?

Secondly, a number of people's 4th Amendment rights were violated by police officers brandishing "sub machine guns".

Okay, so the worst thing that happened in Denver was a Code Pink demonstrator being knocked to the ground by a Denver Police Officer who told her to "back up bitch". According to Randi Rhodes, however, one of the top cops in Denver said that either the cop or the protester was overreacting (still doesn't make it okay, btw), but the top cop that Randi talked to (I heard her talking about this on Friday, so I don't remember his name) said that it was unfortunate and he was sorry it happened.

This shit, on the other hand, is completely out of the scope of a functional democracy. Seriously. Journalists jailed for trying to perform their journalistic duties? Houses raided to look for dissenters? Without warrants? (Or with warrants provided them several hours later?) Is this really the kind of country we want America to be? Cause that's what's going to happen if we have 4 more years of the last 8.

I think that party conventions are a good way to measure how the party will act toward the public when they are elected. So, while the Democratic party may knock down a few people (and later apologize cause someone was being a dick or someone was over-reacting), they want the dream to be open to everyone (the convention was almost completely open to the public). Meanwhile, the Republican party is going to raid your house and put you in handcuffs, steal your personal, private information, and arrest Amy freaking Goodman! Hello Police State!!!

This is re-goddamn-diculous.

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