Friday, September 19, 2008

What to say when people ask if Obama has enough experience

(Just heard on Randi Rhodes, if you don't believe me, feel free to visit the Google.)
  • After gratuating from Columbia University, he was a community organizer in the South Side of Chicago for three years, before going to Harvard Law
  • from which he graduated at the top of his class.
  • He also was the head of the Harvard Law Review (the first black man to do so), where he managed a staff of 80.
  • After returning to Chicago he taught Constitutional Law for 12 years.
  • Then he was a State Senator for 8 years, before running for the US Senate
  • Where he has served for 4 years.
  • And he's also run the largest, most successful (in terms of number of contributors) presidential campaign in US history.
Yeah, I think he's got enough experience.

Edit: It was Columbia, not Princeton (Michelle went to Princeton). For more, take a peek at Barack's bio.

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