Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin versus Joe Biden: are you serious?

I had two reactions after John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate. First I was shocked. A Republican who hates women choosing a woman to be his veep? Then I learned a little more about Sarah Palin (namely that she kinda hates women too), and it started to make sense.

My second reaction was uproarious laughter, knowing that the Governor of Alaska who has only been out of the country once in 2007 would have to debate a man who has been in the Senate since before Palin was out of diapers; a man whose foreign policy experience and diplomatic statesmenship are second to none: Joe Biden. I laughed my ass off.

Let's put it this way: two years ago, Joe Biden was looking into the eyes of Slobadon Melosevich and telling him to his face that he was a war criminal. Two years ago, Sarah Palin was deciding what time the Wasilla, AK dump should close.

This is Sarah Palin, unscripted (clip is 7 min 33 sec, part one of several):

Pray for a pipeline? Seriously? Through all the rambling that occurs in this clip, the only point she's making is to pray for a pipeline. Moreover, what Governor of what State actually goes to a church and gives this kind of speech? Yes, officials have given speeches in churches. This past Father's Day, Barack Obama gave a speech in a church, but at least he prepared for it and didn't say things like "what the people need the most is to be right with God". She even admits in the video to having not prepared!

Meanwhile, when Sarah Palin was rambling on and on about nothing in a church, Joe Biden was in the Senate. You're not going to find a lot of "unscripted" Joe Biden, because he actually cares enough about the people he's speaking to to prepare for speeches. Especially Senate speeches. Such as this one, (clip is 6 min 22 sec).

Compare these two people. They're both talking about things which they're very passionate about -- Palin about Jesus, Biden about ending the war -- but it's pretty easy to see which of them is prepared to be a heartbeat away from leading the most powerful* nation on the planet. Obviously, Palin isn't going to help the McCain ticket, and the more she's in the spotlight, the more stuff comes out about her, the worse the Republican ticket is going to do. Don't be afraid, Peter. This is actually funny.

*While our power and respectability has diminished greatly over the past 8 years, we remain the sole Hyperpower in the world... but we are about to be supplanted.

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