Monday, February 16, 2009


I have them. And not the roof kind either.
The weird thing is, with the place they are (my upper thigh), the waves of nerve pain are half excruciating pain and half orgasm. It's kinda... I want to say unnerving, but that's just completely inaccurate.


DaisyDeadhead said...

Are you taking L-LYSINE? Please haul ass RIGHT AWAY and get some. You can go up to 3 grams a day (1000 mg = 1 g, is the size of the capsule you should ideally buy)--amino acids have no known side effects. Also, Lysine ointment or cream used topically will reduce that awful skin sensation.

Explanation: The Herpes Zoster virus, does not like the amino acid lysine, and will therefore suppress it's manifestations (chicken pox, herpes, shingles). Some people think a lowering of this amino acid (dieting, strict veganism) contributes to the outbreaks in the first place.

Good luck, kisses and (gentle) hugs!

Rachel said...

I talked to my doctor on Monday (he was able to diagnose me over the phone) and had me get rhus toxicodendron (homeopathicly prepared poison ivy), and it has helped so far. He thinks that the stress I've been under (lost job, sick Schmoogie, LSAT, starting my MK business, etc) contributed to the outbreak.

I am going in to see him tomorrow, and I will mention Lysine to him when I do. Thanks for the tip.

(BTW, I feel a lot better today.)

peenerbambina said...

You have my sympathy, I had shingles in my head and it felt like someone kept popping me on the head with a hammer. Ibuprofen is your friend, as is a cool flannel. Get well soon!