Friday, February 27, 2009

SeaTac police officer assaults 15 year old girl

I just saw this on the news tonight and I am pissed off.

A young woman (of color, from what I can tell), is shown to a cell, kicks a shoe out the cell door as it is being closed and then an officer rushes in, slams her against a wall, throws her to the ground by her hair, punches her twice, and then after she is hand cuffed pulls her up by her hair and carries her out of the cell.
The officer, Deputy Paul Schene, 31, has pled not guilty to misdemenor assault charges in King County District court.

"The girl was arrested after she was caught in her parents' car, which had been reported stolen from her parents' Tukwila home. Deputy Travis Brunner spotted the car driving without headlights about 3:45 a.m. on 32nd Avenue South in SeaTac and pulled it over.
She and another 15-yearold girl were arrested and taken to SeaTac City Hall to be fingerprinted before being transported to the youth detention center."

But she had the audacity to be brown and kick a shoe at the officer. How dare she.
I hope this motherfucker, Schene, is convicted, thrown off the squad and actually serves a sentence of some kind.
My heart goes out to the young woman and I hope that she finds some way to trust police again (and doesn't steal her parents' car again, if that is in fact what happened).

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