Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nitrous musings or "numb me, drill me, floss me, spank me"

I went to the dentist today to get some fillings (six, that is), and as I was sitting in the chair, high as a kite from the alternative to a serious panic attack, I started to think that dentist/patient relationships are kind of like a sterilized, non-sexual D/s relationship.
Think about it for a second.
I go to my dentist, pay him money, and consent to allowing him to do all of these things which are good for my health (in other words, ultimately enhancing my pleasure), despite the fact that many people find these things to be incredibly undesirable.
Now, in order to prevent trauma, my dentist goes to a number of lengths to protect me (as well as cover his own ass). I am given nitrous oxide, several shots of Novocain in several areas of my mouth to numb me.
And while pain is not intentionally inflicted, (surprise not all BDSM scenes result in pain being inflicted and enjoyed), there is definitely a Dominance/submission thing going on here. I don't want fillings. I don't want my wisdom teeth out (that's gonna be a few months yet), but my dentist has sufficient dominance over my dental health that he can convince me that this is something I need in order to ultimately enhance my pleasure in life. I honestly believe the D/s thing that goes on between dentists and patients is a big part of why so many people strongly dislike going to the dentist.
Maybe this analogy doesn't hold true for everyone, but considering the firestorm that has been raging in the femisphere over BDSM, this analogy is meant to make people think differently about BDSM sex and D/s relationships in particular. My relationship with my dentist isn't abusive, despite the fact that within two days of being his patient he's scared the crap out of me with the mention of general anesthesia to have my lower wisdom teeth surgically removed (they're lying down flat), and given me six of ten fillings. I have consented to being his patient, and agree that it is important for me to go through this psychological horror show in order to maximize my pleasure.
Let me clarify one thing before I go: all people need to see a dentist regularly in order to maximize their individual pleasure. The same is not true for all people of BDSM sex and D/s relationships. I am merely pointing out that the dentist/patient relationship is similar in structure and externally perceived unpleasantness to that between a Dominant and Hir submissive.
(And yes, I do have daddy issues, but that's completely unrelated to my teeth.)

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