Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Woman Can Change the Narrative

Mary Kay Ash reached through spacetime and flipped a switch, changing the economic narrative for women all over the world. If' you're at all familiar with Mary Kay, you know this is true. The company is beginning its 50th year of Enriching Women's Lives with a campaign called "One Woman Can", urging consultants to discover what is our "One Woman Can". 

Hundreds of women, just like me have changed the narrative for their families, relationships, and futures. One woman can change the narrative of her life. One woman can change the narrative of the beauty industry and make TRUE BEAUTY accessible to everyone, not just those who feel they are conventionally attractive (cuz it's what you are like, not what you look like, thank you Madeline L'Engle). One woman can change the narrative of other women around the world, and touch the lives of people she will never even meet. One woman can teach women how to teach their children not to fight; influencing future generations and making peace where it never seemed possible before, and therefore changing their own narratives.

My beginning is my beginning, but today I can work to create a whole new ending. One woman can reach into the future and flip a switch that gives choices and opportunities to millions. I don't think many people who aren't in Mary Kay really realize how gigantic this company is, and how many lives are changed because one woman dreamed a dream, and it turned into a reality in more than 34 markets all over the world. One woman can take the nightmares of children who haven't been born yet and turn them into dreams of success and prosperity.

One woman can change the narrative. Her narrative. That of her family. That of her friends. The narrative that is hurting people she loves, and people she doesn't know. The narrative that holds others back. The narrative that excuses bullying and abuse. The narrative that encourages closed-mindedness and bigotry. It takes diligence, hard work, and absolute stubbornness, but knowing that it's already been done means that it's possible; that one woman can.

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