Monday, July 9, 2012

In other words: your leaders are all saying the same things in different languages

Reading the first chapter of a book written by a Christian pastor brought me around to my favorite Hebrew prayer (the Hebrew itself is in the top left, with an artful English translation below). After some amount of thought, I came into the full realization that my director, my professional leaders, and my rabbis are all saying the same thing. It had been a thought for a while, but the fact of the matter is, g-d is coming through both of these two avenues inspiring me to lead an extraordinary life. 

Divinely inspired words are filtered through the language and concept centers of the brains of the people who write them down. The ideas often sound different when you first hear them; they sound like they oppose one another because they come out of practices which, at some times, actually do oppose each other. However, truly holy words can be translated back into the language of g-d and speak into the hearts of a great plurality of people. 

In other words: your leaders are all saying the same thing in different languages. Isn't it time to listen already, get congruent, and get to work?

Probably. More to come...

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