Saturday, June 30, 2012


My office is a pit. Half of it is on my dining room table because I haven't brought my kit back in and put it away. The dish-on-legs-thing where I keep my keys and stuff has clothes in it. My desk... well, see for yourself...
Actually, this isn't far from what it normally looks like...

Now, I'm not, by nature, a terribly tidy person (clean, yes; tidy, no). I believe that if your desk is clean well, so is your calendar (and I don't do booking calls from my desk because my house is some kind of weird lead box with no cell-phone reception and we live in a post-land-line narrative). 

The reason my housekeeping skills have slacked so greatly in the last couple of days is because I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing my business since about Tuesday at 7:30pm. I keep asking myself "what more can I do?" And it turns out, cleaning my office does not fall into that category of doing more. I have accumulated more banana stickers in the last 5 days than I had all month, and I'm on the edge of meeting 3 of my 5 A-level goals for June, having busted through the lower-level markers for all 5 goals. 

A mentor of mine taught recently that we have to let go of the activities that don't pay us (like cleaning our offices, we need to have people for that), just because we think it's normal to do those things ourselves. And yeah, maybe it is normal, but it's also "normal" to work for someone else, to have a third party who tells you when it's time to work and when it's time to pee, and when it's time to eat, and that you need to clean your damn desk (of course, in those circumstances there's also a janitorial service that empties your trash bin at least once a week...). 

Tony Robbins told me "you gotta be a little weird to be successful". Julius Henderson told me "look at what everyone else is doing and then RUN THE OTHER WAY", and of course, my very wonderful director, Stephanie Richter says "run from easy". I would trade places with any of these people any day of the week. They have the experience, the scars, and the income that shows that their advice is worth following, and so I look at my messy office and say, "yep, messy LIKE A BOSS."

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