Friday, June 8, 2012

Gah... migraine...

It's been a mean couple of days. I guess I wanted an excuse not to work, cuz I sure as shit got one. Currently, I remain under the adjective-for-really-bad-and-mean rule of a migraine. This time 'round (and they don't happen very often), I believe it to be a reaction to having the gorham flu (yes, I was watching Firefly all day yesterday, why do you ask?), which also could have been a wheat-exposure, but I doubt it because Schmoogie is also lethargic and flu-ish-feeling (not the vomitty kind, if you're curious, which you now are not). Side note: HA! Diagram that also too in addition moreover you betcha!

Anyway, I got up early today, thinking I could get stuff done cuz my head wasn't exploding with adjective-for-really-bad-ouchy-burny pain, but that sensation didn't last and my head is now back under the dictatorial (that's the word I was looking for) reign of Kim Jong Migraine. I'm naming this migraine for the North Korean dictator because one of my symptoms last night was all of the color draining from my field of vision. Yeah, brains are weird (it's not cancer, we played House on Wednesday and ruled out sarcoid, lupus, cancer, and epstein-barre).

So, this was way more personal that it usually is, but I figure the internet really doesn't care about my problems so I can whisper into the void about them if I want to.

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