Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Daddy,
I know you loved me and were proud of me, and I feel very at peace with your death because I know that you are at peace. I know that you get to spend time with your mom and dad and sister; all the people whom you loved who have died, not to mention hanging out with your favorite Beatles. And of course, your faith had you welcomed into the light and love of your savior, a Being who changed your life (and ours), for the better.
I'm relieved that your physical form let you go, and that g-d pulled you into the next realm. Your suffering was too much for any of us to bear and watching it separate you from your physical form was harder than anything I've ever been through. The end of your suffering gave me peace.
But I am sad. Sad that we don't get to make more memories. Sad that you won't make it to Erin's graduation. Sad you won't see any of us get married, or see my siblings become parents if and when they choose to.
Most of all though, I am sad for all of the people whose lives you don't get to touch. In the last decade, you made so many people's lives better. You set an example for people in your community by living the teachings of Jesus. You set an example for your children by working hard, but always making time for family and not taking anything too seriously.
Everyone who knew you was proud to have been in your life. I'm sad now because no more people get to see that firsthand. But I will honor your memory by working hard, keeping my family close, apologizing and making things right when I am wrong, and being graceful with people who disagree with me. And I will always live my faith, not get lost in trying to be right all of the time.
I know that you loved me and were proud of me. In the end, that's all I ever needed from you, and I'm really glad we both grew up and figured that out.
I promise we'll take care of each other. And I won't let Ian sell Erin to a rich businessman in SE Asia.

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