Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

Let's do a week in review, shall we?

Monday I suffered from a wheat exposure, but decided that I had to get stuff done anyway, so I decided to simply suffer... and suffer I did (feel bad for me yet?). Meanwhile, elsewhere in the... here, SIFF opened and runs for about a month. If you need info on the Seattle International Film Festival, you have Google so go nuts.

Tuesday was the Pinterest for Business workshop taught by social media maven, Tracey Warren  with Ready Set Grow Marketing (@readysetgrow). I blame this workshop for the post about Pinterest. Later, the Schmoogie returned from his man-cation, and we had a great welcome-home party. Also, an age old question was answered...

On Wednesday, I had a mental breakdown when my appointment canceled, then got a whole bunch of new ideas (supported and fed by the Schmoogie), and went to the TBT annual congregation meeting for sugar and connection with my community. I don't know what else happened in the world on Wednesday, because I really don't care.

Thursday, I kept up the work I began on Wednesday and barely made enough money to get some bills paid. I'm pretty excited about that, actually.

And today has been Follow-Up Friday. I remember hearing that you have to "touch" someone 8 times or more before they become a customer, so I performed touch #3 for a few different places, and found out I won't have a weekend booth at the mall (which is okay, because it was kind of short notice and there are extenuating circumstances).

This week, I worked way less than 40 hours (including marketing, booking, and delivery time), but I discovered what I need to know and do for my BAM and that makes the week a win. I think the hardest part of this business is being able to set my own "syllabus" (so to speak) and do what needs doing in order to make the grade. The expectation can't rest on whether I sell enough to pay my bills, but rather on several criteria which make up a complete month. You could call booking one class, selling another, sharing/recruiting another, and leadership as yet another; plus the humanities classes of "The Mary Kay Way" and "How to Freak Out and Then Go Back to Being Productive in 15 Minutes or Less". Pretty sure I audited the sharing/recruiting "class" this month, because I did do some work, but I'm not going to get credit for any of it since I didn't do enough work.

There are still 5 days left in the month. 5 days during which I can have a few more appointments and actually meet my BAM for May. 

HOWEVER it is Friday, so Shabbat Shalom!

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