Monday, April 6, 2009

Wrasslemania! YAH!

Considering that masculinity in our culture is generally defined as being "not gay", how is a bunch of oiled up guys running around in speedos supposed to be manly?
Or is it that manliness in our culture is really such a non sequitur that if you put on enough of a show to make yourself seem macho, you are by default manly regardless of how oiled up and mostly naked you are?
Which also prompts a question: that "ultimate fighting" stuff usually has two guys, within mere seconds of the fight beginning, wrapped around each other with one guy's face in the other guys ass or crotch. However, because they're beating the crap out of each other, it's not really "gay" it's "macho". So, does that mean that gay men who are into rough/violent (consensual) sexual activity are not really gay because they're beating each other up?
Am I just missing something here?

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The Dreaded Rhubarb said...

In the UK there's a lot of shows about UFC guys with titles like "Britain's Hardest Man", "Big Boys" and "Tough Guys on the Mat". Actually that last one might have been a porno, I can't remember for sure.

The popular theory is that contact sports allow straight people (usually men) a channel to simultaneously sublimate and indulge homoerotic impulses. Or maybe they just like hitting someone in a socially acceptable context.