Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Couple of things: poor Jessica. I know 3 against 1 is the model for conservatives versus liberals on cable, but holy shit, that was hideous. I'm surprised she was able to restrain herself from screaming over the other three women (actually not that surprised, Jessica's teevee persona is pretty even-keel), since they kept talking over her. I mean, how fucking rude is that?

Second, I don't get why the other gal couldn't even look at, let alone directly address Jessica. She was using the John McCain debate technique... I'm surprised no one was called "That One".

Finally, that shit at the end about "what girls do with their bodies have consequences for the rest of their lives"... that's why we should teach about contraception. Duh. And, uh, doesn't what anyone, regardless of gender, do with their bodies have a consequence? Or am I wrong in thinking that boys have to face up to consequences too?



Anonymous said...

From what I understand the comment that "what girls do with their bodies have consequences for the rest of their lives" isn't referring to physical consequences but rather mental ones. Conservatives generally believe that if a girl loses her virginity before she's married then no man will ever want to marry her and so she'll be emotionally devastated. Nevermind the fact that it's total bullshit or that some women (gasp!) don't care if they ever get married. This is the kind of shit they're teaching in those abstinence-only programs. They also teach that boys basically can't control themselves so it's up to the girls to say no and make sure no sexual contact takes place. If it does, it's all her fault and she's the only one who has any kind of consequences. Seriously, check out the site to see some of the other outrageous claims they try to make.

Amanda said...

My goodness, the abstinence advocate LAUGHED at Jessica. That is... so not classy, or appropriate, debating behavior. Plus, she's linking expectations that kids don't drink or smoke to sex? Granted, drinking can make sex more likely to occur, but drinking and smoking have actual health consequences; sex consequences can be mostly avoided through the use of contraceptives.

Jessica barely got to speak. I don't see what the point of having them come on was at all, if it was going to be that brief, and not give a chance to answer actual questions.