Thursday, August 7, 2008

McCain flagship (uh... flagbus) sporting Obama sticker

via The New Argument and Huffpo
but first heard on The Randi Rhodes Show (which also features an amusing rant about all of McCain's flipflops)

So, John McCain was in Florida this week trying to woo Jews with the help of Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) who is the Republican Veep nominee of my dreams! (more on that in a minute). But of course, while in South Florida the (poorly named) Straight Talk Express managed to do some damage to local drivers,
including running over a minivan. Lovely.

After the accidental destruction of an inconsequential "Security Mom"s gas-guzzling child-transporter, a camera began following the McBus and the images you see here were captured. That's right, the Straight Talk Express, after flipping and flopping over Florida drivers turns out to be supporting Barack Obama for president. If you're not laughing right now, you have no sense of humor.

And, from the looks of the bumper-sticker shaped discoloration on the other side of the bumper, this isn't the first time this has happened. In other words, people are so very fed up with John McCain, they're vandalizing his flagbus with the bumper stickers of his opponent. Fucking hilarious.

In regards to Republican Veep of my Dreams, Joe Lieberman there are two things that make me pray every night that he is given the veep nod:
  • A McCain/Lieberman ticket would almost assuredly lose. If Big Mac wasn't gonna get creamed by Obama in November already, adding Joe Lieberman to the ticket would put the pickles and onions on this sesame seed bun of failure.
  • Joe Lieberman would get creamed in 2012 by anyone (but likely Ned Lamont) in his bid for reelection to the Senate. You'll remember that Ned Lamont absolutely decimated Lieberman in the Democratic primary in 2006 because Democrats in Connecticut were so utterly fed up with this asshole (and I make no pretense at having even a modicum of respect for Joe) that they couldn't wait to vote for someone else. Lamont only lost because Republicans in Connecticut abandoned their own candidate in favor of the "Connecticut for Lieberman" candidate.
So, go Joe! Seek that nod! And John: he's your best only friend! Your best only chance of winning CT... and probably no other state... but that's good for everyone else.

Fucking hilarious. Keep it up Straight Talk Express...


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