Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gavel time: veep nominees

I am going to go out on a limb here and formally make my prediction for the running mates of the Democratic and Republican nominees for President.

Barack Obama is going to choose Joe Biden. There are a number of reasons, but the most compelling is Joe Biden's history in the Senate. Biden has been in the senate for 36 years (that's 6 terms, btw -- he's up for relection this year, and since Deleware has a Democratic governor, of Biden wins his Senate bid the Democratic governor will appoint a Democrat to fill his slot, cause that's the way it works), he is the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Comittee (and we all know one of the biggest criticisms of Obama is that he lacks foreign policy experience); he also serves on the Senate Judiciary Comittee. We all recall Biden's own bid for the Presidency this year, and the best one-liner from a presidential debate ever when he said of Rudy Giuliani, "There's only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, and a verb and 9/11," proving that he would be adequate to fill the traditional role the veep plays and that is that of bulldog.

John McCain will choose Joe Lieberman. McCain is a Bushy, and we all know that the one thing that Bush's people value above all else (including competence) is loyalty. Lieberman has been McCain's shadow for the longest time. Lieberman has been going everywhere with McCain during the entirety of his Presidential campaign, and it would make little sense for McCain to pick someone who is less loyal and less omni-present.

So, it's gavel time. I'm calling it.



In other words: minority and old white guy v. old white guy and minority. Don't you hate it when people break it down into those demographics like that? I won't be the last.

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