Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apparently my opposition to Glenn Beck interferes with my objectivity

Guess what, America: I am not objective.

Another big surprise: neither are you.

Blogs are not news outlets. Bloggers are not journalists, although sometimes we pretend to be, and bloggers have been known to break big stories. People don't read blogs for news -- at least they shouldn't, that's what newspapers are for -- they read them for commentary, with two purposes in mind:
  • To agree with it.
  • To find something wrong with it so you can disagree with it.
No one who reads a blog does so expecting objectivity. Well, maybe some people do, but they haven't been around the internet very long.

Let me tell you a little secret: I know that the frog was fake. I also know that Markfrog is a stuffed animal. Go figure, a stuffed frog would be upset about a fake frog being thrown in a pot of boiling water by an FM shock jock who pretends to cry on camera while trying to make an incoherent point which is only made to incite people. He's a clown, remember?

But apparently, my opposition to Beck makes me a bad reporter because it compromises my objectivity. But, aside from the observation of Yom Kippur, beginning tonight, Glenn Beck and I have something in common.

NEITHER OF US IS OBJECTIVE. Never have been, never claimed to be. Well, maybe he has, but that just makes him a fucking liar on top of everything else.

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DaisyDeadhead said...

I was alarmed by the frog incident since it was NOT immediately clear that it was a fake frog and it was DAYTIME TV = kids are watching. (I don't think the kids are going to follow up and Google whether it was a real frog, will they?)

I rarely appeal to "What about the children?"--but we are talking about a conservative who regularly DOES EXACTLY THAT, then himself engages is animal-abuse on TV, or seemingly does. If he is so damn worried about role-models for children, as he claims he is, how about he STOP killing animals, fake or real, on TV?

He's a pig, but I predict a spectacular (and entertaining, one hopes!) flame-out.