Thursday, August 30, 2012

Glossary of Frequently Used Terms

The Empress: that's me. It's a reference to a tarot card signifying feminine leadership on the highest level.
The Emperor/Schmoogie/Moogie: My husfriend, greatest adviser, and best friend; so named for a card signifying masculine leadership on the highest level.
MKA: Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Inc. Read about here here. (You can also check out her autobiography Miracles Happen. I highly recommend it.)
g-d: This is my term for the divine, for lack of a better term, Oversoul. As a Jew, my concept of the creator is a little bit different from most of the people I know. I believe that the Universe is g-d, rather than g-d being God, a person with human feelings and ambitions. I draw a strong distinction between this idea of God and my idea of the Creator Consciousness of the Universe. It doesn't really matter, but sometimes people ask me why I write "g-d" instead of God, or GOD, or god, or whatever.

Terms and Abbreviation 
FIO: Figure It Out; a phrase often chanted by me and my colleagues
WPS: Weekly Plan Sheet, a tool used for maximizing time management
6 MIT: 6 Most Important Things list: make a list of the 6 things you must accomplish in a given day, number them in order of importance and get started. Anything that doesn't get finished that day gets moved to the next day. If it can be delegated to someone else, it doesn't belong on your list.
Active: the numbers don't matter so much here, unless you're actually a consultant (and if you are, you know this already), so for the purposes of this blog, an active consultant is one who is working her business
IBC or BC: Independent Beauty Consultant
Star Team Builder/Star Recruiter: Beauty consultant with 3 or 4 active team members
Team Leader: 5 active team members
Future Director: 8 active
DIQ: Director In Qualification; we are often told that DIQ is not a position on the career path, it is a transitional period
Director/Sales Director: Independent Sales Directors are women in a leadership position in Mary Kay, and kind of the mama on the family tree
National/NSD: Independent National Sales Directors are the top leaders in Mary Kay, defined as leaders of leaders (this is where I want to be!)

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