Monday, October 26, 2009

This is too funny

I got a comment this morning on an old post. Anonymous writes:
Obama really is a "fascist" and also a believer in one world communism. Also, "feminism" really is a form of Marxism. You can check my claim out for yourself. The proof is all over the internet.
See what I mean? Fucking hilarious. Especially since "proof" and "internet" are kind of mutually exclusive... not unlike fascism and communism.
Keep it up Freepers.


DaisyDeadhead said...

As the guy from the old "Friday the 13th" TV-show liked to say, "It all makes a horrible sense."

Andrea said...

I know, stupid Marxism! Thinking that people should be connected to their work in a meaningful way rather than being mechanized cogs in a wheel supporting those with all the money and power. Why can't you feminists learn to support those on top instead of always trying to undermine the system? Sheesh

admin said...

Yeah! There's absolutely nothing wrong with the dominant paradigm. That's why everyone is so happy!